CAS Logistics was incorporated in Bursa which functions as one of the industrial and trade centres of Turkey.

We provide road/ocean/air freight services, warehousing, customs clearance and value-added services which including information technology and consulting.

Transparency and reliability are our primary values and with these values, customers' satisfaction is the basis of our business.

We set at work with the experience of the past and the dynamics of today.

We invest in order to increase our service quality and we  focus on human and technology.

We know that 'time' is the most sensitive point of the logistics sector. We create a professional team that work collaboratively to finish our projects much faster.  We respond to the need of our customers’ demands quickly. 

We put getting the customers’ demands ahead of our own interests. We anticipate our customers' problems and think of creative solutions in advance.

We work well with our co-workers, our staff , our co-partners and all stakeholders because we know that to complete the projects is a team effort.

We will work to growth and development of our country's logistics industry and our co-partners; that has positive contribution to the state economy.


If you provide the following information about your shipments, you can instantly get the best price for you. We kindly ask you to share the size, actual weight, shipment type, product content and buyer address information with us.