Our Job…Our Future…

We adopt honesty, innovative approach and success as principles.

We undertake to act on basis of excellence that create value for our co-partners and customers.

We Empathize: The main factors in the development of companies are their way of doing business and their approach to work. The most important is understanding the perspective of customers. As Cas logistics we effort to understand our customers’ expectations. We have a great sense of empathy as a result of the need of contacting our customers, getting to know them, meeting their needs and listening to them with real interest that leads to understanding what they need and what they want.

We are an innovative company: We use innovation to grow our business. We apply new ideas in order to further satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers and also we follow the technological developments that make the necessary investments for the continuity of our service quality.

We do training : We carry out our employees become more effective at their work by improving, updating or refining their knowledge and skills. Our primary purpose is the enhancement and enrichment of our employees through organisation, job and personal development.

We are transparent :  We give particular importance to trust and transparency in our business relations. Cas Logistics approaches the customers with a service insight that focuses on responding to all demands of the customers through better and reliable that supply information about customers' requests any time so you desired.


If you provide the following information about your shipments, you can instantly get the best price for you. We kindly ask you to share the size, actual weight, shipment type, product content and buyer address information with us.